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Job status: Permanent
Quebec, Canada

About the role

The analytical chemistry engineer’s duties include:

  • Apply the company’s Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) principles through a “Zero by choice” initiative;
  • Perform research destined to improve chemical processes, reactions, and products;
  • Work in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams;
  • Develop strong partnerships with different research centers;
  • Assess the chemical processing methods and establish production specifications;
  • Design and test chemical processing systems and materials, and other associated processes;
  • Implement and oversee quality assurance programs;
  • Collect and analyse databases, interpret the results and submit solutions;
  • Provide problem-solving support for production processes.

About you

The analytical chemistry engineer shall have the following qualifications:

  • Outstanding, steadfast commitment to safety in the workplace;
  • Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering;
  • Certified by Engineering Professional Associations & Organizations;
  • At least three to five (3-5) years of relevant industry and/or R&D experience;
  • Ability to work within a flexible organisational structure;
  • Recognised communication skills with stakeholders at all levels;
  • Outstanding initiative, resourcefulness and self-reliance;
  • Strong French and English language skills (both oral and written);
  • Have aluminium production experience (asset);
  • R&D and/or business startup experience (asset).

About us

ELYSIS is a Canadian company delivering a disruptive technology for the aluminium smelting industry, has developed a unique approach to reducing the carbon footprint of many everyday products: it eliminates all direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the smelting process and generates a pure oxygen as its by-product.

ELYSIS is the outcome of an unprecedented world-class partnership between two industry pioneers, Alcoa and Rio Tinto, and the governments of Quebec and Canada. The partnership will make it possible to market this technological breakthrough as early as 2024.

A proud HR partner, Adecco will support ELYSIS through its personnel selection process.

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