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ELYSIS strengthens its ties with Apple

ELYSIS strengthens its ties with Apple

In the media
24 March 2022
Picture courtesy of Apple

Apple, an early partner of ELYSIS alongside Alcoa and Rio Tinto, today announced it will use ELYSIS aluminium in its new iPhone SE. This announcement is exciting news for the industry and demonstrates once again the major shift ELYSIS is making to make the aluminium industry more sustainable.

“This is the first time aluminum has been produced at this commercial purity, without any greenhouse gas emission and at industrial scale. The sale to Apple confirms the market’s interest in aluminium produced using our breakthrough ELYSIS carbon-free smelting technology. Today’s announcement proves that ELYSIS, a joint venture between Alcoa and Rio Tinto, was able to turn an idea into reality,” said Vincent Christ, ELYSIS’s CEO. “We are excited to be working alongside Apple on this advancement, which has the potential to make lasting changes in how aluminum is produced.”

You can read the full release on Apple newsroom.