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ELYSIS inaugure son siège social de Montréal

ELYSIS inaugure son siège social de Montréal

Media release
27 June 2019

Montreal, June 27, 2019 - ELYSIS officially inaugurated its Montreal headquarters, on Thursday, in the presence of ELYSIS team and Partner’s representatives. For several months now, the company's new office—located at 1 Place Ville Marie—is home to the management team that will oversee the development and commercialization of ELYSIS™ technology over the next few years.

"A year after our launch, we’re proud to officially root ourselves in Montreal. Right here, in the heart of the city centre, we’ll be leading the development of a disruptive technology for the global aluminum industry, in collaboration with our teams in Pittsburgh, in France, and soon enough, in Saguenay," said ELYSIS CEO, Vincent Christ.

The decision to set up the ELYSIS headquarters in Montreal was announced in the spring of 2018, at the launch of the joint venture between Rio Tinto and Alcoa. It was a logical move considering the important investment the project received from the Quebec and Canadian governments as well as the leadership role Quebec plays both in the aluminum industry and in tackling climate change.


ELYSIS is a technology company that was created thanks to a ground-breaking partnership between two global industry leaders – Alcoa and Rio Tinto. ELYSIS’ goal is to revolutionize the way aluminium is produced across the globe. Our process eliminates all direct greenhouse gases from aluminium smelting, and instead produces pure oxygen. Alcoa, Rio Tinto, the Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec provided a combined investment of $188 million (CAD) to create ELYSIS and to see this technology reach commercial maturity in 2024.